Thursday, July 2, 2015

So you've signed a book contract. Now what?

The other day, I signed my contract for my new book, Surviving the Summit of Good and Evil. This is my third book and second with my publisher Black Opal Books. Unsure of etiquette and having published two previous books - I submitted my query to both publishers.

I soon found myself in an enviable position - both publishers wanted my book. How then to decide which publisher to go with? Both are amazing indie publishers. I had nothing but great experiences with both of them. Both gave me great attention as an author from correspondence, marketing, wonderful editors and timelines to publication that were realistic.

So what made me go with Black Opal?

My book in print. While I loved my experience with my other publisher, they have chosen to go in a direction of ebooks only,and for me, I am a traditionalist. I love feeling my book between my fingers or being able to see it on my bookshelf as I dream of the day when it will be on many other bookshelves. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of ebooks but as an author who is building my platform, having multiple avenues for readers to access my book is also important, and having my book in print and ebook is a non negotiable for me.

So what now? My contract has been signed, my book is queuing in the edit line and if history is correct, will be four months before I get the first edits back, then another six months for second edits and finally publication.

Now it's up to me as an author to start promotion of my new book and try to generate buzz for the upcoming birth of my new paranormal baby.

First things first, here's the pitch for my new book, Surviving the Summit of Good and Evil.

New York Detective Kate Morgan carries a lot of secrets. The black sheep of America’s most notorious crime family, she walks a fine line between her commitment to truth and justice and the obligations demanded from her family.  Her ability to read minds doesn't help either.
FBI agent Grant Anderson embraces his role and place in the Anderson family, America’s richest and philanthropic example of good will and kindness but also bucks his family’s expectations of settling for their idea of the right girl. To them Kate is anything but the right girl.
For thousands of years, the Morgans and Andersons have been sworn enemies. Families steadfast in their loyalty and commitment as handpicked first families to the Devil and God. Both sides tread carefully, maintaining the balance between good, evil and immortality and endure each other only once a century, during the Summit of Good and Evil. With the mysterious murder of Gus Morgan, the balance is threatened, the future of humanity in jeopardy and it is up to Kate and Grant fight their attraction  and solve this murder before all hell comes crashing down

So that's what I sent as my query, along with the book and within forty eight hours, this was Black Opal's response, which makes my heart sing, every time I see this.


I definitely want the book. Do you have a synopsis?

I will have the attorney prepare you a contract as soon as he gets back from vacation.


Lauri Wellington
  Acquisitions Editor
black logo without background for letterhead

Over the next few months, we'll examine the process of taking this book to press. Next steps for me - soothing my inner control freak and choosing a company to design my book cover.
Next up - choosing a great book cover.  Stay tuned ....

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