Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Keep Moving Forward

                   "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
                                                                                    ~ Walt Disney

For those of you who know me, are aware of my fondness for the Law of Attraction. I firmly believe that if we keep our eyes open, try to live in the present and stay vigilant the Universe will send us signs showing how to follow the best path. 
For months I have been struggling with what I would call was writers block. If dodging my laptop, finding excuses to watch television for hours on end or starting and stopping alternate stories is writers block, then I had it bad. Key phrase here: had. There is nothing wrong with the current book I am writing. I love the stories and the characters. I started it last Christmas on a lark and found it soon began to write itself. A grand adventure with a dashing hero and a fiery heroine that must unite to save the world hopefully fall in love in the process....
Then as life does it throws other things in our paths and what was once important falls to the wayside. For those of us that are grand starters but not great finishers we find reasons to embark on new adventures, try new things and conveniently look the other way when someone asks "So hows that( fill in the blank) going?"
( cue the cartoon character with his hands behind his back, glancing up at the sky and whistling as he tries to dodge the question)
Then two nights ago I was flipping channels when one of my favorite and least favorite movies came across my screen. Disney's Meet the Robinson's was on TV.
Favorite because I love the message and the charm of Lewis, its main character. Least favorite because it's message becomes muddled in the shenanigans of the futuristic family that Lewis visits to a point where it starts to grate on my nerves. 
Released in 2007, I don't think it was one of  Disney's more popular movies and doesn't rank in the top fifty of top grossing animated movies but none of that matters to me.
I love the message of the movie! For all of us who have struggled with self confidence,failure and some belief that we are not good enough, Meet the Robinsons tells us that we are wrong. It celebrates our failures and reminds us that without failure there is no success.
When we feel like we are alone, believe that we can't possibly see our way though a situation or feel that we are the biggest loser in the world, this movie challenges that belief and reminds us that we are all special, unique and here for a purpose.
Not unlike Walt Disney, who was turned down by over fifty banks when trying to finance Disneyland, the movie reminds us that if we keep trying, keep working through the failure of today, we will definitely succeed tomorrow.
To the actor who failed an audition - keep moving forward. To the author who's manuscript has been rejected...again - keep moving forward.  To the student who lost out on a scholarship - keep moving forward. To the professional turned down for a promotion or a raise - keep moving forward!
Only by standing still and allowing circumstance to win do we fail. 
So take a page from Disney and Lewis and learn from your mistakes and failures. Get off that couch and get back out there. Resubmit, reapply or reinvent yourself if you need to. 
Two nights ago the universe visited me through this wonderful movie and reminded me of what was important in my life... to finish books that I start and keep moving forward.

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