Sunday, October 27, 2013

Release Day! My first YA Paranormal - Showdown at Evil High

Hi Everyone,
Am super excited that my newest book and first YA has been released! It is through Black Opal Books and I am very proud of it.
It's about a young Australian American named Killara Jones who lives in a small town in North Dakota. He meets a fallen angel named Sullivan and discovers that his town has a pact with the Devil that goes back one hundred and fifty years. With his friends he must try and break the pact and save his classmates while preventing a Showdown at Evil High.

Check out a few of the reviews:

And here is a quick excerpt:

He wanted to run, but he knew he had to stay and fight. If he didn’t, they would all die…

Killara closed his eyes and thrust his sword forward. He felt the blade pierce the priest’s chest. The man let out a loud bellow and fire erupted from his mouth. Killara scrambled back in horror, his injuries forgotten for the moment.

He looked toward the open rectory door and then back at Adam who had begun to fight the first of the townspeople, the chief of police, or what used to be him. This version was dripping blood and had spikes coming out of his arms. If Killara ran for the door, he would be leaving Adam at the mercy of the demons. If he didn’t do it now, his only chance would quickly slip away.

“Adam,” he yelled. “We can’t win this one. You have to retreat!”

Judging by the fury with which he waved his sword, Adam had made peace with trying to take out as many of them as possible. He seemed impervious to the throng of people surrounding him. Killara grimaced and ran to help his friend. They could still beat a retreat if he could lure the townspeople away.

Killara raised his arm and started slicing his way through the crowd. Everyone around him seemed to die in a different way. Some exploded in a flash of fire while others oozed to the ground as if their bones had dissolved and only flesh was left behind. He looked around for Adam, but could only see more Khalija residents—the owner of the liquor store to the right of him and his sixth grade teacher to the left. He was in the center of the mob now with everyone focusing their attack on him.

From all angles he could feel the blows. He smelled blood and knew that it was his own. The smells and sights nauseated him, making him feel claustrophobic and alone. All he could think about was getting away. He had to see what was behind that door. What was this town hiding and why was it so important that he find it?

I actually posted part of the first chapter on Goodreads, a few years ago, hoping I would find a publisher and now it is published and available in print and as an ebook.

Another example of the Law of Attraction at work...and all in the world is good!

If you like what you see it can be found on

and UK, as well as Barnes and Noble and my publishers website:
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